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Energy Prosumer

EPOrium facilitates energy sales transactions directly, within seconds, which in other cases requires a central intermediary. This case enables so-called ”prosumers” to carry out transactions with a high degree of autonomy – without any middlemen – and therefore creates a decentralized energy supply system.

Consumers, prosumers, grid operators, and even utilities realize the benefits of this P2P energy trading system. The International Renewable Energy Agency found that a distributed energy sharing system can result in cost savings for individual consumers and prosumers and improved system reliability.

Besides this, by allowing consumers to make better use of their distributed energy resources, the model reduces renewable generator curtailments and assists in the decarbonization of the energy sector. It also helps utilities and grid operators to become more efficient, defer/eliminate transmission and distribution investments, and balance supply and demand in real-time at lower costs by engaging these prosumers directly, leading to a more stabilized grid.